14-22 Clip Rail with Adhesive (100m Per Box)

14-22 Clip Rail with Adhesive (100m Per Box)

Product Code: CLIPRAIL
Brand: JCW/CCF

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Our Universal Clip Rail accommodates pipe diameters up to 22mm.

Our Clip Rail is available in 1 metre lengths and features a peel off self-adhesive strip which is used to quickly and easily position and secure the Universal Clip Rail to the polythene / insulation. Conveniently placed holes are present to allow fixing with underfloor heating clips / staples.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 125 × 125 × 50 cm
  • Locking grips on the Universal Clip Rail hold the pipework firmly in position prior to screeding

  • Self-adhesive strip makes positioning the Universal Clip Rail onto the insulation a simple process, helping reduce installation times

  • An accurate, productive alternative to positioning and fixing pipework with Tacker Clips

  • Universal Clip Rails are robust and reliable and resistant to crushing and breaking

  • Integral “snap-on” tabs at the ends of the rails ensure they can be securely joined together to any final length requirement

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