Breedon Flow Foundation

Breedon Flow Foundation

This premium quality concrete is designed to flow a trenches to fully fill all trench voids and intersections. The self-compacting properties of HOPEFlow FoundationTM mean that deployment is quick, safe, simple and cost effective on small and large scale projects. HOPEFlowTM Foundation is able to flow and consolidate on its own. At the same time it is cohesive enough to fill spaces of almost any size and shape without segregation or bleeding. This makes HOPEFlowTM Foundation particularly useful wherever placing is difficult. HOPEFlowTM Foundation is highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that can spread into place under its own weight to fill formwork and encapsulate extremely congested reinforcing steel, with no mechanical vibration. The unique properties of HOPEFlowTM Foundation give it significant economic, constructability and aesthetic performance on conventional construction projects. HOPEFlowTM Foundation allows for rapid concrete placement with significantly reduced labour requirements, consolidation and finishing.



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