Cemex Evolution

Cemex Evolution

Evolution™ is a branded High Performance Concrete. Its self-levelling, self-compacting properties allow it to be placed fully compacted without segregation and with no vibration.

Product Code:EVOLUTION
Characteristic strengthAs specified
Technical categorySelf-levelling and self-compacting high performance concrete formulated to your specification
Other characteristicsCan be made watertight, pumped, fibre reinforced, and mixed to high strength
ApplicationsAll challenging specialist applications and formwork

  • Easily placed and economical

  • For all applications requiring top performance and finish

  • Reduced labour required for placing, levelling and finishing

  • Suitable for challenging designs and complex formwork

  • Enhanced workability and excellent early strength

  • Self-levelling reducing placing time

  • No compaction necessary

  • Reduced noise and health & safety issues

  • Sets with a smooth surface that requires minimal further finishing

  • Meets or exceeds the relevant British and European Standards

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