Breedon Gypscreed HTC

Breedon Gypscreed HTC

Breedon HTC is the latest innovation in flowing screed technology from Francis Flower Ltd offering a screed specifically designed for use with underfloor heating and cooling systems. It may be used with conventional heat sources as well as with renewable technologies. It is not pipe specific and is suitable for use with any underfloor heating system and in any type of construction subject to suitable engineering, including over timber floors, Lewis decking, and more traditional concrete and masonry systems. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment HTC offers an environmentally friendly screed to help improve the sustainability criteria of your project. Breedon HTC may be installed by approved installers only. It may be used to thinner depths than conventional screeds requiring just 20mm minimum cover to pipes subject to substrate suitability. It is suitable for use with all types of floor covering and offers the ultimate in underfloor heating efficiency and comfort.

Product Code:BRE-HTC
StrengthMinimum Ca-C30-F5 / Typical Ca-C35-F7
Access for light foot traffic after24 - 48 hours
Working time approximately>240 minutes
Drying time1mm per day up to 40mm, 0.5mm thereafter (although water content reduced so periods from 2 weeks are achievable!)
Drying Shrinkage<0.02%
Optimum laying thicknessesFloating no UFH 30mm / Floating with UFH 35mm
Cover to conduits20mm minimum

  • Fast drying times easily achieved (from 2 weeks)

  • Only 20mm cover to pipes required!

  • Floating construction

  • Bonded or unbonded construction

  • Timber frame

  • Lightweight steel frame

  • Traditional masonry

  • Concrete and steel frame

  • Incorporation of electric or wet under floor heating systems

  • Enhanced drying rate due to reduced thickness and reduced water content

  • Cost effective compared to traditional screed

  • Self-compacting properties mean little manual handling

  • No curing required

  • High recycled content and low embedded CO2

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