Breedon Gypscreed Reduced Laitance

Breedon Gypscreed Reduced Laitance

Self compacting flowing Breedon Gypscreed is a combination of high quality binder, specially selected sands, water and special additives where required. It is designed to offer a smooth flat and level surface for use in the vast majority of interior non-wearing applications where a subsequent floor covering is to be used. Breedon Gypscreed RL (Reduced Laitance) offers a product with significantly reduced surface laitance. Whilst this product produces less friable laitance it should not be considered laitance free and may still require some sanding to remove this. It should be noted that best practice dictates that all screeds require abrading as part of the preparation to receive bonded floor coverings. This helps to remove surface contamination and promotes a key for primers and adhesives.

Product Code:BRE-RL
Strength(28 days) CA-C30-F5
Access for light foot traffic after24 - 48 hours
Working time approximately>240 minutes
Drying time1mm per day up to 40mm, 0.5mm thereafter
Drying Shrinkage<0.02%
Optimum laying thicknessesFloating no UFH 40mm / Floating with UFH 50mm
Cover to conduits35mm min

  • Reduced surface laitance compared to standard flow screeds

  • Floating construction

  • Bonded or unbonded construction

  • Timber frame

  • Lightweight steel frame

  • Traditional masonry

  • Modular construction

  • Concrete and steel frame

  • Incorporation of electric or wet under floor heating systems

  • Enhanced drying rate

  • Cost effective compared to traditional screed

  • Self-compacting properties mean little manual handling

  • No curing required

  • High recycled content and low embedded CO2

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