Cemex Supaflo

Cemex Supaflo

SUPAFLO® is the ultimate screed solution and is at the forefront of screed technology. It is an eco-friendly, cost effective building solution that offers our customers a self-compacting, self-levelling, flowing product which can be placed at up to 10 times the rate of a traditional concrete screed, generating significant labour and time cost-savings.

Product Code:SUPAFLO
Product Code:SUPAFLO
Access for light foot traffic after:24 - 48 hours
Working time approximately:240 minutes
Drying time:1mm per day up to 40mm, 0.5mm thereafter
Drying shrinkage:Less than 0.02%
Heating:After 5 days
Minimum laying thicknesses:Bonded 25mm / Un-bonded 30mm
Floating:Domestic 35mm / Commercial 40mm
Maximum recommended thickness:80mm
Cover to conduits:30mm

  • High early strength

  • High volume stability, no curing or lifting

  • Ability to lay large areas without joints

  • Reduction in thickness when compared to traditional methods

  • High placing rates and construction progress

  • Freedom from the need to use reinforcement below ceramic finishes

  • Quicker access for follow on trades

  • Applications: A screed for use in residential, office and administrative buildings as well as hotels, schools and hospitals and is well suited for under floor heating systems. It is suitable to receive all types of plastic/vinyl and textile coverings as well as parquet, tiles and slabs/boards

  • This product is not suitable for use without a final surface covering as described above nor in continuously or regularly wetted areas such as showers, external floors or swimming pool surrounds

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