FM Conway Metroflow

FM Conway Metroflow

Metroflow is a flowing screed flooring product that can be laid more than ten times faster than traditional sand and cement based products - perfectly suited for use in the vast majority of interior applications.

Product Code:FMC-MET
StrengthMinimum Ca-C30-F5 / Typical Ca-C35-F7
Access for light foot traffic after24 - 48 hours
Working time approximately>240 minutes
Drying time1mm per day up to 40mm, 0.5mm thereafter.
Drying Shrinkage<0.02%
Optimum laying thicknessesFloating no UFH 30mm / Floating with UFH 35mm
Cover to conduits20mm minimum

  • Fast drying times easily achieved (from 2 weeks)

  • Only 20mm cover to pipes required!

  • Floating construction

  • Bonded or unbonded construction

  • Timber frame

  • Lightweight steel frame

  • Traditional masonry

  • Concrete and steel frame

  • Incorporation of electric or wet under floor heating systems

  • Enhanced drying rate due to reduced thickness and reduced water content

  • Cost effective compared to traditional screed

  • Self-compacting properties mean little manual handling

  • No curing required

  • High recycled content and low embedded CO2

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