Gyvlon XTR Technology

Gyvlon XTR Technology

Flowing screed designed with higher compressive and flexural strengths for use when higher loads are required.

Strength (28 days)>C 35.0
Access for light foot traffic after24 - 48 hours
Working time approximately240 minutes
Drying timeDries at a rate of 1mm per day up to a screed depth of 40mm in good drying conditions
Drying ShrinkageExtremely low shrinkage - does not curl and minimizes the risk of cracking
Minimum laying thicknessesBonded: 25mm / In contact with substrate: 30mm / Unbonded: 30mm / Floating Commercial: 40mm / Floating Domestic: 35mm
Cover to conduits25mm minimum (30mm nominal)

  • Increased productivity - 2000m2/day can be easily achieved

  • Self compacting

  • Self curing

  • Can be walked on in 24-48 hours

  • Can be loaded after 7 days

  • Extremely low shrinkage - does not curl and minimizes the risk of cracking

  • Avoids the need for reinforcement

  • Significantly reduced thickness when compared to traditional sand - cement screed

  • Large bay sizes of up to 1000m2 depending on application (heated floors 300m2)

  • Ideal for use with under floor heating

  • Can be force dried as early as 7 days after application

  • Weight saving as a result of thinner section

  • Dries at 1mm per day up to 40mm in good drying conditions

  • Easily achieves SR2 finish as described in BS8204

  • Protein free - cannot harbour harmful bacteria

  • Non combustible (tested to BS476 Part 4)

  • Minimal Thermal expansion (0.012mm/mK)

  • Excellent thermal conductivity

  • Environmentally friendly

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