Tarmac Topflow A Thermio +

Tarmac Topflow A Thermio +

Thermio+, a Gyvlon environmental screed solution, has been developed to further improve underfloor heating systems by creating the first screed specifically designed to complement both water underfloor heating and cooling systems.

Product Code:THERMIO+
Mechanical Strength(28 days):C30 F8
Thermal conductivity (nominal value)2:λ=2,5 W/m.K
Thermal emission coefficient3:KH =7,42 W/m2.K
Access for light foot traffic after:24-48 hours
Working time approximately:240 minutes
Drying time:As little as 2 weeks!
Minimum thickness by substrate:Unbonded: 30mm • Floating - residential: 35mm • Floating - commercial: 40mm
Nominal thickness above the pipe:20mm

  • Performance – up to 30% increase in the thermal emission value for maximised performance of the underfloor heating system

  • Comfort – up to 80% thermal diffusivity for a much faster ramp-up in temperature, greatly improving immediate and long term comfort

  • Savings – up to 8% savings on heating bills

  • Programme efficiency – 20 day reduction in drying times when compared to conventional flowing screeds

  • All the normal benefits of Agilia Screed A products

  • Very high fluidity for fast installation

  • Minimum SR2 surface finish

  • Greatly reduced cracking and no curling

  • Maximum bay size 300m2

  • No reinforcement required

  • No need for a curing membrane

  • Typically 36% recycled content

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