Tarmac Topflow Screed A

Tarmac Topflow Screed A

Topflow Screed A is a pump-applied, free-flowing floor screed.

Product Code:AGILIA-A
Strength(28 days)C25 N/mm2
Access for light foot traffic after:24 - 48 hours
Working time approximately240 minutes
Drying timeDries at a rate of 1mm per day up to a screed depth of 40mm in good drying conditions; 0.5mm per day thereafter
Drying ShrinkageMinimal
Minimum laying thicknessesBonded: 25mm / In contact with substrate: 30mm / Unbonded: 30mm / Floating Commercial: 40mm / Floating Domestic: 35mm
Cover to conduits25mm minimum (30mm nominal)

  • Tarmac's Gyvlon Screed A binder is used as a composite reactive filler in this pump-applied, free flowing, self compacting synthetic anhydrite floor screed.

  • Provides smooth, flat surface for the application of most floor coverings.

  • Provides a high-quality surface finish, with minimal cracking and no curling.

  • Reduced need for construction joints and no need for reinforcement.

  • Ideal for use in all warm water underfloor heating applications.

  • Environmentally friendly – it is protein free so will not harbour bacteria.

  • Ready in 24 hours – Suitable for foot traffic usually within 24 to 48 hours. Partitions can be erected seven days after placing.

  • High strength – Typical compressive strengths up to CA25F4/mm2 (BRE Test Category A to BS8204) BSEN 13813.

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