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Express Liquid Screeds is a leading floor screeds company in Hampshire.

We offer both traditional and modern screed solutions that are perfect for all kinds of projects, from domestic to commercial and industrial.

Whether you need fast-drying screeds for a quick turnaround project, or durable, self-levelling screeds for a perfect finish, our floor screeds company in Hampshire can pour and recommend the perfect product.

About Express Liquid Screeds

Established in 2013, Express Liquid Screeds is a market leader for all things flowing concrete, across the south of England.

We offer liquid screeds, concrete line pumping, levelling/smoothing compounds, floor preparation, laitance removal and even underfloor heating for good measure!

Over the last 10 years, we have steadily built a reputation of excellence, thanks to our high standards and impeccable accuracy. Ready mix manufacturers trust us as their ‘go-to’ company when they are looking for the best workmanship.

If you’re looking for a reliable, reputable floor screeds company in Hampshire, we’re your partner.

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We offer tailored solutions that offer the very best standards of durability. Trust our award-winning floor screeds company in Hampshire for your next project.