Laitance Removal

 Laitance Removal Specialists

As with most screeded surfaces, liquid screeds must be prepared in order to receive bonded floor coverings to ensure the very best adhesion is achieved. This is a part of the bonding process which is often overlooked, resulting in the de-lamination of your new floor coverings! Express Liquid Screeds Limited offer a full laitance removal / screed sanding service using our specially selected surface preparation equipment.

Depending on the product chosen, either surface laitance will need to be removed or a surface key will need to be created in our skin free /low laitance products.

  • For standard screeds
    Allow 4-7 days to cure prior to removing laitance using Express Liquid Screed’s specialist laitance removal service.
  • For skin free or low laitance solutions
    Our sanding service should be scheduled immediately prior to the application of floor coverings, to provide a surface key ready for the application of an acrylic based primer.

The full process of floor preparation is demonstrated in one of our manufacturer’s (Gyvlon’s) videos below, which covers the main points of sanding (laitance removal), drying & moisture testing, UFH commissioning and priming. You will also find examples of the equipment we use to better demonstrate the process.

We recommend that all other trades are clear of the areas being abraded due to the high risk of silica inhalation. Express Liquid Screeds will utilise heavy duty extraction equipment to keep airborne dust to a minimum and will collect dust in sealed Longopac bags which will be put in a suitable receptacle on site. As an absolute minimum precaution, all nearby persons MUST be wearing P3 rated masks and appropriate PPE.

Here at ELS all of our teams are trained in the correct risk management for liquid screed laitance removal and silica dust management with certified qualifications available if required.


Specialist Equipment

STG450 HDM low speed sanding machine used with a 5ft 3,000 watt high velocity extraction unit.

Laitance Removal

Triple diamond cup disc with before and after pictures.

Priming and Bonding

Application of compatible primer and installation of bonded floor coverings.

A fast and efficient service...

  • Most sized projects prepared in less than a day
  • Supply and install priming service also available
  • Ensure long lasting adhesion of floor coverings
  • Professional help and advice from point of enquiry to completion of your project!
  • Guaranteed peace of mind