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Underfloor Heating Installation

Date: March 29, 2024  |  Author: Raju Juneja

Underfloor Heating Installation: Why Express Liquid Screeds Are the Best Choice for Your Home

Seeking an efficient way to heat your home? Underfloor heating is gaining popularity with our clients, for its ability to provide efficient, evenly distributed warmth while freeing up wall space and improving home aesthetics. At the heart of a high-performing underfloor heating system is the quality of the screed that encases the heating pipes or cables. That’s where Express Liquid Screeds comes in, leading the way in underfloor heating installations. Let’s delve into why Express Liquid Screeds is the right choice for your underfloor heating installation is a wise decision for your property.

Unmatched Thermal Conductivity

One of the foremost advantages of working with Express Liquid Screeds is our screeds’ exceptional thermal conductivity. Moving away from traditional options like sand and cement, our liquid screeds ensure that heat is efficiently and evenly spread across your floor. This superior heat distribution means your underfloor heating system can operate at lower temperatures while maintaining cosy warmth, ultimately leading to noticeable energy savings over time.

Quick Installation and Rapid Drying Times

When it comes to revamping your home, you want a team that’s quick, efficient and perfectly executes the job. Express Liquid Screeds specialises in swift installation processes. The fluid nature of our screeds allows for quicker pouring compared to traditional materials, demanding less manual labour. Moreover, our screeds dry significantly faster, facilitating the progress of other trades without unnecessary delays. Certain products in the Express Liquid Screeds range are ready for light foot traffic in just 24 to 48 hours after laying, a stark contrast to the lengthy curing times of conventional screeds.

Minimal Thickness, Maximum Durability

The longevity of your flooring greatly depends on the screed’s durability. Express Liquid Screeds deliver high-strength screeds that don’t require the bulkiness of traditional materials. This is particularly beneficial in renovations, where maintaining ceiling height is crucial. Despite their reduced thickness, our screeds are fully capable of supporting both domestic and commercial traffic, guaranteeing a durable and resilient floor.

Superior Floor Quality with Reduced Cracking Risk

Express Liquid Screeds ensures a smoother finish and minimises the risk of cracking, unlike traditional screeds. The self-levelling nature of our screeds guarantees a flawless finish, which is vital for the longevity of your final flooring. Additionally, the decreased likelihood of cracks promotes uniform heat distribution and minimises heat loss, keeping your heating system efficient.

Environmentally Conscious

The environmental impact of building materials has become more important than ever. Express Liquid Screeds prides itself on using recycled materials and producing our screeds in an energy-efficient manner. This not only makes our screeds more sustainable but also ensures that your underfloor heating system requires less energy to warm your space, reducing your environmental footprint.

Flexibility for Every Project

Express Liquid Screeds is versatile enough to complement various types of underfloor heating systems, be it electric or water-based. Whether for new constructions, extensions, or remodelling projects, our screeds provide a flexible solution tailored to any homeowner’s needs.

Selecting the right screed is as crucial as the choice of underfloor heating system itself. Express Liquid Screeds brings a host of benefits to your project, from enhanced thermal efficiency and speed of installation to eco-friendliness. In need of a top tier floor-heating solution? Look no further than Express Liquid Screeds. It’s time to invest  in the comfort, efficiency, and sustainability of your home today!

A Brief Guide To Underfloor Heating

Date: February 13, 2024  |  Author: Raju Juneja

A Brief Guide To Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to heat homes.

Underfloor heating involves pipes or electrical cables distributed throughout the home, under the floor. These pipes heat up, supplying the home with warmth from the ground up.

Underfloor heating offers several advantages over traditional boiler systems, including more even heat distribution, energy efficiency and design flexibility. In this article, we briefly look at types of underfloor heating, the installation process, how it heats as well as the benefits of choosing underfloor heating.

Types of Underfloor Heating

There are two types of underfloor heating:

   – Hydronic (Water-based) Underfloor Heating: This system moves warm water through a network of pipes that sit beneath the floor.

   – Electric Underfloor Heating: This system generates heat through the use of electric cables or mats that sit under the floor.

Underfloor Heating Installation Process

   – For hydronic underfloor heating, pipes are laid out in a network across the floor before the floor is covered with a screed or concrete layer.

   – With electric underfloor heating, heating mats or cables are laid evenly across the floor before being covered by a layer of tile adhesive or Thinset.

How They Heat

   – In hydronic systems, hot water will be heated by a boiler or a heat pump before it is circulated through the pipes.

   – Electric systems generate heat directly through the cables or mats.

Efficiency and Comfort

Underfloor heating provides more even heat distribution when compared with traditional radiators. This avoids cold spots in rooms. Because heat rises from the floor, it creates an evenly warm and comfortable environment throughout your home. And, because underfloor heating systems run at lower temperatures than traditional boilers, they can offer energy savings and reduced bills.

Different Flooring Types

Underfloor heating performs best with flooring such as tile, stone, laminate, engineered wood, and some carpets. It’s really important to choose a flooring material that has good thermal conductivity, to ensure the heat is transferred effectively.


Underfloor heating doesn’t need too much maintenance after initial installation. Routing inspections and checks of the system will ensure everything is in full working order.

Want to Install Underfloor Heating?

At Express Liquid Screeds, we supply and lay specialist screeds that offer exceptional thermal conductivity. We partner with a great underfloor heating installation company that manufactures quality underfloor heating components and packages.

If you would like to find out more about our underfloor heating services, just get in touch.


What Is Liquid Screed And Why Should You Use It

Date: January 15, 2024  |  Author: Raju Juneja

What Is Liquid Screed And Why Should You Use It?

Concrete is a great building material that is used extensively in construction work, as it offers a huge range of benefits.

Different concrete offers different advantages. One type of concrete we are particularly familiar with is liquid screed. Liquid screed is an easy-to-pour concrete that creates a perfectly level surface. It’s tough, durable and thermally conductive, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Read on to find out more about liquid screed and its benefits.

What Is Liquid Screed?

Liquid screed is a calcium sulphate and cement-based product that is easy to lay. It is often confused for concrete, but it is not necessarily the same thing. Liquid screed has different properties than regular concrete so it behaves in a very different way.

Liquid screed will be poured on top of an existing concrete layer, to offer a neat, level and smooth surface. After the liquid screed has dried, the flooring of your choice can then be laid on top (carpet, wood, tiles etc.).

At Express Liquid Screeds, we supply both anhydrite/calcium sulphate and cementitious liquid screeds, using our specially-designed liquid screed pump.

What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Screed?

Liquid screed is a lifesaver for contractors, as it offers so many fantastic benefits that make construction easier!

To name just a few of these benefits:

  • It is easy to lay, which reduces installation time and costs
  • It can be used with so many types of flooring, including wood, lino, vinyl, tile, carpet etc.
  • It offers a neat and smooth surface thanks to its self-levelling characteristics
  • It is hard-wearing, sturdy and durable
  • It can be dry in little to no time (our liquid screed will be ready to walk on within 24-48 hours)
  • Its conductive properties mean it is compatible with underfloor heating, when poured it will seamlessly fit around any pipes
  • It offers minimal shrinking when drying (<0.1%)
  • There will be no surface dust after laying

Want To Know More About Liquid Screed?

If you’re curious about liquid screed and whether it could work in your next construction job, just get in touch. Our team of specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact us for a quote today to find out all the amazing things Express Liquid Screed can do for you.