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Date: August 15, 2019  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

168 bags of levelling compound in East Wittering…

When our customer was presented with this awful floor he was asked to tile on, he knew there was only one company he was going to call! We visited and talked through the end client’s chosen floor coverings, project timescales and budget. We opted for a fibre re-enforced levelling compound over a gritted primer, due to it’s great finish and ability to be tiled on within just three hours after installation!

Having fallen behind, we put the customer back on track to complete their project on time. Levelling compounds are a great solution to level out and refresh un-level or to smooth rough floors. They can be applied at depths as low as 2mm. Then apply floor coverings the same day with minimal disruption to your project or everyday living.

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Date: July 23, 2019  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

170 bags of levelling compound – West Wittering, West Sussex…

This was a complex project which presented us with multiple types of existing floor surfaces and a newly installed anhydrite liquid screed (installed by a 3rd party). Both the new and old floors were quite un-level. The owner of the house had already installed their kitchen onto their new screed, but unfortunately the floor was not in good enough condition or at the right level to be able to install their chosen floor covering. To keep the floor build up to a minimum, we recommended a thin section, bagged levelling screed which meant that we could set a starting datum of just 2mm over the high areas of the floor. The variation in the existing levels resulted in a 35mm maximum depth in places.

Firstly we provided the customer with one of our digital thermo-hygrometers to test the moisture content in the new anhydrite screed which was confirmed to be under 75% relative humidity. The underfloor heating was also commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. We then opted for two different types of primer to ensure a good, lasting bond and to avoid any reaction between the calcium sulphate screed and our cementitious bagged screed.

Using our Utiform Quattro mixer meant that despite the short working times of the chosen product, we are still able to install high volumes of bags without compromising on surface finish. The end result… a perfectly level floor that the customer can now install their Karndean flooring directly on top of. The cherry on the cake… as it’s ready to walk on in 3 hours, the customer was back in their house in time for dinner. There are no drying times for this bagged compound, so the flooring installer is starting first thing tomorrow. A very happy customer!

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Date: May 24, 2019  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

Longfloor – Fast Drying, Cement Based Liquid Screed in Bognor Regis

This was a lovely little installation for a new customer in Bognor Regis. Due to the tight timescales having fallen behind on other works, it was important for this customer to be able to install their floor covering quickly. With this cement based liquid screed solution we were able to deliver just that! Using forced drying methods means that the customer can install floor coverings over their screed within 14 days. Combined with the fact that this liquid screed product requires no laitance removal and no priming prior to bonding, it was a win, win for everybody.

We cleaned up left a very happy customer!

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