Date: January 27, 2020  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

Self Compacting Concrete – Lancing

We supplied, pumped and installed our fast drying, cement based, liquid screed into two plots for a new customer in Lancing, West Sussex. Once we had finished the screed installation, we got to talking about their plans for the garages and after some discussion they were keen to use our self compacting concrete (pictured here). Why you ask? well, it’s super quick to install, self compacts (so no need for vibration), is easy to pump, utilises the same accurate levelling method our screeds use and can be easily prepared for a final painted finish!

It’s suitable for concrete oversight slabs, shed bases, structural floors, finished floors (the list goes on) and flows so well it’s also ideal for footings!

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Date: January 3, 2020  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

A new year, another new customer! Pulborough, West Sussex

Yesterday was our first installation after a well deserved festive break for our installation teams. Our task was to correct levels and surface finish left my another screed contractor.

The existing screed was prepared by means of diamond abrasion, two coats of acrylic primer were applied, all holes and gaps filled and sealed / shuttered and then 114 bags of Instarmac’s Level It product were mixed / pumped and installed to an average 7-10mm depth across two new build properties. Light work for our Utiform Quattro machine which can mix and pump up to 220 bags an hour!

The main contractor was delighted with the results and has invited us back to quote on all of their future flowing screed installations. They are also going to be using us for all of their footings, concrete oversites and concrete pumping ongoing. Happy days!

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Date: August 15, 2019  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

168 bags of levelling compound in East Wittering…

When our customer was presented with this awful floor he was asked to tile on, he knew there was only one company he was going to call! We visited and talked through the end client’s chosen floor coverings, project timescales and budget. We opted for a fibre re-enforced levelling compound over a gritted primer, due to it’s great finish and ability to be tiled on within just three hours after installation!

Having fallen behind, we put the customer back on track to complete their project on time. Levelling compounds are a great solution to level out and refresh un-level or to smooth rough floors. They can be applied at depths as low as 2mm. Then apply floor coverings the same day with minimal disruption to your project or everyday living.

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