Longfloor are a fantastic new cement based binder manufacturer. Longfloor is a dry powder bulk binder for the manufacture of a cement based liquid screed to a specification BS EN 13813:2002. Liquid screeds are also referred to as self-levelling or flowing. The binder is delivered in bulk powder tankers for storage in a silo. They are typically manufactured in specialist screed and mortar or ready mixed concrete batching plants, either through a pan mixer or batched straight in to a lorry mounted rotating drum mixer.

Longfloor binder consists principally of very fine high purity ground limestone, (calcium carbonate) powder plus a suite of dry chemical reagents and admixtures. The limestone powder assists flow and has cementitious properties, which reduces the amount of cement required. Other reagents and admixtures reduce water demand, assist flow and act to counter bleeding and shrinkage.

Longfloor binder is added to a fine aggregate, cement and water and delivered by concrete mixer truck from a stockist’s plant. Further liquid flow or retarder admixtures may also be added prior to placing.

Longfloor supply their liquid screed binder to a network of UK batching plants through both ready mix trucks and long reach volumetric trucks.


Longfloor is a limestone based binder containing specially selected additives. When mixed with cement, sand and water it produces a free-flowing cementitious screed. It is suitable for all types of flooring applications. Longfloor will be suitable to receive non-moisture sensitive floor finishes between 7-14 days. In ideal conditions (20°C and 65% relative humidity) the screed will have achieved 75% R/H (0.5% moisture) at 21 days. Under floor heating systems can be turned on after 10 days and the system gradually brought up to operating temperature. Depths available from 25mm and strength ratings up to C25. 

  • Produced by approved manufacturers with quality approved materials.
  • Delivered by concrete truck mixer.
  • Flow range is 260-280mm – very free flowing /self levelling but low water/cement ratio.
  • Longfloor not susceptible to crazing / cracking or curling.
  • 1000m2 + on a daily visit with 100 – 150m2 without movement joints.
  • Used in domestic, commercial & underfloor heating sectors.
  • Compatible with all cement based tile adhesives.
  • Can be laid at 25mm thickness.
  • Drying times quicker than alternative systems.
  • No requirement to sand the surface (laitance free).
  • Can be laid in wet areas.
  • Can be foot trafficked after 24 hours.
  • Longfloor binder contains 95% recycled content.

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