Date: January 3, 2020  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

A new year, another new customer! Pulborough, West Sussex

Yesterday was our first installation after a well deserved festive break for our installation teams. Our task was to correct levels and surface finish left my another screed contractor.

The existing screed was prepared by means of diamond abrasion, two coats of acrylic primer were applied, all holes and gaps filled and sealed / shuttered and then 114 bags of Instarmac’s Level It product were mixed / pumped and installed to an average 7-10mm depth across two new build properties. Light work for our Utiform Quattro machine which can mix and pump up to 220 bags an hour!

The main contractor was delighted with the results and has invited us back to quote on all of their future flowing screed installations. They are also going to be using us for all of their footings, concrete oversites and concrete pumping ongoing. Happy days!

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