Date: April 27, 2015  |  Author: Ashley Sexton

Gyvlon Lewis Steel Deck… 650 SQM installed in one day!

5 floors and one big pipe run! Our Southern team installed 650 square metres, totalling 36 cubic metres of screed last week. Much of this was down to the customer’s excellent preparation, the hard work of our team and the excellent delivery service from Lafarge. Quite the achievement we think! Danny from Merewood construction sent us this lovely message over the weekend…

You should go to see Lewis decking and tell them you smashed six hundred m2 in in one day.

They will be very excited as it makes their product a no brainer and they will recommend you all day long!



We’re delighted to have been asked back for the final phase which will be a much more relaxed 10 cubic metre, ground floor installation.