Although a relatively new player in the market of liquid / flow screeds, Axtell have produced a fine range of flowing screed products that are available throughout the South of England. Covering Berkshire, Hampshire, London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and parts of Kent. They work with two fantastic UK based binder manufacturers to produce both cementitious and calcium sulphate mixes, available in various strengths and depth capabilities.

A list of Axtell’s liquid / flow screed products and further information about them can be found below. Their liquid floor screed mixes are available in a range of strength grades, from C20 to C35. For any information and guidance on which liquid screed would be best for your floor, please do not hesitate to send us an email or call one of our knowledgeable team who will guide you through the specifics.

Setting them apart from the standard ready mix market, the liquid / flow screed products available from Axtell are delivered in volumetric trucks, meaning the material is mixed on-site using their truck mounted batching plants. Typically, they can travel much further from base which ensures the screed is as fresh and workable as possible to help achieve the best finish. It also means that Axtell can reach geographical areas that other suppliers can’t, giving excellent coverage across the South!

Gypsol Liquid Screed

Axtell have teamed up with Gypsol (LKAB), a UK based liquid screed binder manufacturer. As such, they are able to offer the entire Gypsol range, including: Classic, HTC, TS15, TS20 and XS. This means their Gypsol anhydrite based range is suitable for bonded and un-bonded application and works perfectly with under-floor heating systems due to the excellent heat transference qualities they boast. It is a combination of high quality Gypsol binder, specially selected sands, water and special additives where required. It is designed to offer a smooth flat and level surface for use in the vast majority of interior non-wearing applications where a subsequent floor covering is to be used. Gypsol liquid screeds require sanding following installation and dry at a rate of 1mm per day up to 40mm and 0.5mm per day thereafter (subject to ambient conditions).

  • Ideal for both new build and renovation work.
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial floors
  • Designed to ideally be laid between 15mm to 80mm depths.
  • Can be force dried after 7 days.
  • Many additional benefits when used with under-floor heating systems.
  • High Strength.
  • Fast Installation.
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Longfloor Liquid Cement Screed

Longfloor liquid cement screed is perfect for use both in houses and apartments. It can be supplied as a C20 or C25mm/N2 compressive strength product. It can be laid in thin sections from 25mm! No joints are required up to approximately 100m2 to 150m2. Using Longfloor liquid cement screed minimises risks of cracking and curling normally associated with semi-dry traditional screeds. It can be trafficked very quickly (normally 24 hours) and dries within 21 days for most floor coverings. It produces no surface laitance, which means no need for grinding and the curing agent applied during the installation process even acts as a primer for your floor covering. A truly excellent liquid screed product in our opinion!

  • Factory manufactured from quality approved materials.
  • Delivered by concrete truck mixer.
  • Flow range 260-280mm – very free flowing /self levelling but low water/cement ratio.
  • Longfloor not susceptible to crazing / cracking or curling.
  • 1000m² + on a daily visit with 200m² without movement joints.
  • Used in domestic, commercial & underfloor heating sectors.
  • Compatible with all cement based tile adhesives.
  • Can be laid at 25mm thickness.
  • Can be laid in wet areas.
  • Laitance free – no requirement to sand the surface.
  • Drying times one third of some alternative systems.
  • Foot traffic typically after 24 hours.
  • Based on calcium carbonate (limestone) powder.
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