Founded in 1906, Cemex has grown from a small local player into one of the top global companies in the world. Cemex operates a comprehensive national supply network to ensure that quality materials and services are available to customers locally.

Holding the enviable position as market leader in ready mixed concrete and a leading supplier of mortars and screeds, their reputation for reliability and unrivalled technical expertise has been built up over 80 years serving the UK construction industry. Nationwide the company operates over 230 concrete mixing plants to ensure efficient delivery to virtually any location in the UK.

Cemex currently offer both calcium sulphate and cementitious screeds using the Gypsol range of binder products and their own in house cement based screed design. Their fleet of vehicles are traditional drum based mixer trucks and typically they can deliver within 20-30 miles from liquid screed enabled plants.


This is a flowing screed flooring solution based on a calcium sulfate binder. Supaflo is the original flowing, self smoothing, Calcium Sulphate based self levelling screed. It has been widely available through our network of manufacturing units for approaching two decades.

Calcium Sulphate based flowing screed can provide significant benefits over traditional ‘semi dry’ site mixed screeds for the following reasons:- scale of application, ease of placement, excellence of surface finish, attainable accuracy of level and the virtual elimination of cracking and curling. Available in depth ranges from 15mm and strengths of up to C35.

  • High early strength.
  • High volume stability, no curing or lifting.
  • Ability to lay large areas without joints.
  • Reduction in thickness when compared to traditional methods.
  • High placing rates and construction progress.
  • Freedom from the need to use reinforcement below ceramic finishes
  • Quicker access for follow on trades.
  • A screed for use in residential, office and administrative buildings as well as hotels, schools and hospitals and is well suited for under floor heating systems. It is suitable to receive all types of plastic/vinyl and textile coverings as well as parquet, tiles and slabs/boards.
  • This product is not suitable for use without a final surface covering as described above nor in continuously or regularly wetted areas such as showers, external floors or swimming pool surrounds.
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Supaflo C

A flowing screed flooring solution based on CEM I, Supaflo C retains many of the attributes of Calcium Sulphate based flowing screeds (scale of application, ease of placement etc.) but has the added benefits of improved drying times, compatibility with the majority of construction materials, and can be used in areas susceptible to water ingress such as bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and swimming pool surrounds.

  • Residential/Commercial/Retail/ Healthcare buildings, schools.
  • Bonded and un-bonded construction.
  • Incorporation of electric or wet under-floor heating systems.
  • Timber, concrete and steel frame.
  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds.
  • Cover to under-floor heating can be reduced to a minimum thickness of 30mm
  • Can take foot traffic 48 hours after placing.
  • Can be applied in future wet rooms (bathrooms/showers)
  • Increased thermal advantages compared to traditional screeds.
  • Ease of installation through approved installers, ensuring a quality finish.
  • Can receive most types of floor coverings after 21 days.
  • Can be forced dried from 7 days.
  • Low shrinkage rate
  • Large floor areas in excess of 1000m2 can be installed within a day.
  • Self-placing, self-compacting material that will fully encapsulate under-floor heating pipes.
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