FM Conway manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality aggregates, concrete and screed products for use on UK construction projects. To serve our clients they have developed a portfolio of specialised manufacturing plants and a large fleet of delivery vehicles. The plants enable them to develop bespoke mixes for each project’s specific requirements. Their balanced system of services brings security of supply and reliability of delivery.

They utilise handy mobile volumetric batching vehicles, meaning they can often reach the areas other ready mix companies cannot and materials are as fresh and workable as possible. Their Gypsol binder enables them to provide liquid screeds from 15mm depths and with strength ratings up to C35 for both domestic and commercial applications.


Metroflow provides the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective solution for interior flooring systems. Its self-leveling and self-compacting properties mean it can be laid faster than traditional flooring products, and be capable of receiving foot traffic within 24-48 hours. It is perfectly suited for use in floating, bonded or un-bonded applications and can easily incorporate electric or warm water under floor heating systems. The product is delivered using a fleet of volumetric mixer vehicles which allows the liquid screed to be mixed / produced on-site. This removes the need for storage and ensures that the product is delivered at its optimum moisture content. Available in various mix designs with depths from 15mm and strengths up to C35.

Metroflow has been specially developed to promote resource efficiency and help customers to reduce the carbon footprint of projects. The volumetric mixers
easily allow the production of smaller quantities, bringing the benefits of flowing screeds to bespoke projects without waste. By reusing anhydrite
– a by-product of the chemical manufacturing industry – and diverting this waste away from landfill, the material has nearly ten times less embodied carbon than sand and cement-based alternative products.

  • High early strength.
  • High volume stability, no curing or lifting.
  • Ability to lay large areas without joints.
  • Reduction in thickness when compared to traditional methods.
  • High placing rates and construction progress.
  • Freedom from the need to use reinforcement below ceramic finishes
  • Quicker access for follow on trades.
  • A screed for use in residential, office and administrative buildings as well as hotels, schools and hospitals and is well suited for under floor heating systems. It is suitable to receive all types of plastic/vinyl and textile coverings as well as parquet, tiles and slabs/boards.
  • This product is not suitable for use without a final surface covering as described above nor in continuously or regularly wetted areas such as showers, external floors or swimming pool surrounds.
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