Longfloor is a dry powder bulk binder for the manufacture of a cement based liquid screed to a specification BS EN 13813:2002. Liquid screeds are also referred to as self-levelling or flowing. The binder is delivered in bulk powder tankers for storage in a silo. They are typically manufactured in specialist screed and mortar or ready mixed concrete batching plants, either through a pan mixer or batched straight in to a lorry mounted rotating drum mixer.

Longfloor binder consists principally of very fine high purity ground limestone, (calcium carbonate) powder plus a suite of dry chemical reagents and admixtures. The limestone powder assists flow and has cementitious properties which reduces the amount of cement required.

Other reagents and admixtures reduce water demand, assist flow and act to counter bleeding and shrinkage.

Longfloor binder is added to a fine aggregate, cement and water and delivered by concrete mixer truck from a stockists plant. Further liquid flow or retarder admixtures may also be added prior to placing.

Longfloor binder is manufactured by Longcliffe Quarries Ltd, a company with a 90 year history of quarrying and processing the exceptionally chemically pure Bee Low limestone in the White Peak area of Derbyshire.

Longfloor IntegraCure Liquid Cement Screed

Longfloor have brought to market one of the most exciting developments in many years within the screed industry. Building on other similar product in the market and adding unique features of their own, Longfloor cement based liquid screed is making huge headway in the UK. Their product boasts a unique integrated curing agent (Integracure), which means a superior finish and excellent anti-cracking qualities. Longfloor have established a great supply chain throughout the South of England and we can install their products across a large majority of the UK.

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