Marshalls has a wide-ranging and continuously expanding selection of liquid screed mix designs. With a growing network of plants, their position as market leader for ready-to-use mortars and screeds continues to strengthen and Express Liquid Screeds’ experienced specialists are available to advise you on Marshall’s flowing screed product information, prices and availability. They offer cementitious screeds from various plants across the South. Their range has the capability of being installed at depths as thin as 25mm, with strength ratings for commercial and domestic applications up to C35.

Marshall's Cemfloor

  • Residential/Commercial/Retail/ Healthcare buildings, schools.
  • Bonded and un-bonded construction.
  • Incorporation of electric or wet under-floor heating systems.
  • Timber, concrete and steel frame.
  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds.
  • Cover to under-floor heating can be reduced to a minimum thickness of 30mm
  • Can take foot traffic 48 hours after placing.
  • Can be applied in future wet rooms (bathrooms/showers)
  • Increased thermal advantages compared to traditional screeds.
  • Ease of installation through approved installers, ensuring a quality finish.
  • Can receive almost all types of floor coverings after 21 days.
  • Can be forced dried from 7 days.
  • Low shrinkage rate
  • Large floor areas in excess of 1000m2 can be installed within a day.
  • Self-placing, self-compacting material that will fully encapsulate under-floor heating pipes.
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